Advanced Micro Needling

Micro-needling creates tiny punctures in the skin, activating the skin’s own repair mechanism to stimulate collagen production, helping to rejuvenate the skin and target a range of different concerns.

Advanced micro needling is an effective treatment that can treat a range of different concerns. Using flawless pen and keeping up to date with all the latest training allows us to offer the best treatments for your skin.

Advanced Micro Needling from Skin Confidence Pro

What is Advanced Micro Needling?

At Skin Confidence Pro, we use a Flawless Pen. This micro needling device has 12 tiny needles attached to the end of the pen, when the pen is in use a moto operates the needles, causing them to go up and down in a fast motion. This enables the needles to prick the skin, causing tiny wounds in the skin which promotes healing, collagen remodelling, and cell renewal.

What is Advanced Micro Needling good for?

Advanced micro-needling is an amazing anti-ageing treatment that helps smooth lines and wrinkles, improves tone and texture, reduces enlarged pores and helps tighten and thicken the skin. The perfect way to treat the superficial fine lines that Botox can’t get. Also helps with acne scarring and pitted skin commonly found of the cheeks, scarring caused from skin injuries and stretchmarks.

Treatment Time, Price & Number of Treatments

Price dependent on the type of Advanced Micro Needling Required, see types below for more information.

Payment Plan

We offer payment plans on courses of 5 treatments. Pay half on your first treatment, and the remaining half on your third treatment.

How does Advanced Micro Needling work?

Our Flawless Pen uses micro needles to trigger the body’s positive response to skin healing and skin cell rejuvenation. This will signal the production of fibroblasts, collagen and elastin, stimulating cell renewal to help repair, tighten and firm the skin. You’ll be left with newly repaired, refreshed skin.

Types of Advanced Micro Needling

Age Management

Needling is an advanced anti-ageing treatment. Causing micro-injury to the skin helps to stimulate collagen & elastin. Visible results to fine lines, wrinkles, tightening & firming.

Acne Scarring

Suffering from acne can commonly leave you with pitted skin, leaving tiny scars that are impossible to shake off. Micro Needling stimulates cell renewal to help smooth and brighten skin.

Stretch Marks

Calling all mummy tummy's, helping to tighten and firm the skin whilst working on reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Can be used on any areas of the body. Two-week intervals between treatments.


Re-awaken old scar tissue to help visibly improve the appearance of scars. Promoting cell turn rebuilds the skin. Watch as the scar fades away. Recommended amount 4-6 treatments.


  1. How many treatments should I have?
    We recommend 3-5 treatments.
  2. What does the treatment feel like?
    You will fill a mild scratching sensation whilst the treatment is carried out on the skin. We can apply a numbing cream to more sensitive areas before the treatment begins to make it more comfortable and relaxing for you.
  3. Who can have the treatment?
    Everyone. We will do an in-depth consultation prior to your treatment to ensure there are no contraindications and the treatment is suitable for you.
  4. How will my skin look after?
    Immediately after the treatment, there will be erythema (redness of the skin) and the skin may feel warm, this typically subsides an hour but can last for up to 24 hours after your treatment.

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